About JSMicro Semiconductor
Company founded: 2005
Taiwan, China Headquarters: Westerville, Ohio1-5, Wuquan West 3rd Street, West District, Taichung City
Employees: 1000+
Major R&D centers: USA, China, Malaysia, Thailand

JSMirco is one of the leading professional manufacturer of Mosfet, Transistor, Power IC, Diodes and Bridge Rectifiers, Headquartered in Taichung, Taiwan, China, China 
JSMirco have passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Certificate. JSMirco have reached the standard of SGS Report-Reach of SVHC and RoHS Compliant. So we can always provide customers with good quality goods of Pb Free and Halogen Free.
JSMirco products included Low-voltage Mosfet, High-voltage MOSFETs and Transistors (Audio Transistors, Digital Transistors,Darlington Transistors, General Purpose Transistors, Low VCE(Sat) Transistors, MJE/BUL/BLD Transistors, 2N Series,2SA Series,2SB Series,2SC Series,2SD Series,3DD Series,BD Series,BU Series,D Series,MJ Series,PMD Series,RF Series,TIC Series,TIP Series etc.).
General Purpose Rectifier, Fast Recovery Rectifiers, High Efficiency Rectifiers, Ultra Fast Recovery Rectifiers, Super Fast Recovery Rectifiers, Schottky Barrier Rectifiers, Bridge Rectifiers, Transient Voltage Suppressors/TVS Diode/Transil, Zener Diode, Switching Diodes.

JSMirco transistors package type included: TO-3/TO-66/TO-126/TO-126F/TO-202/TO-220/TO-220F/TO-247
/TO-3P/TO-3PN/TO-3PL/MT-200 package type etc..

JSMirco diodes package type included axial lead/through hole like: 
R-1/A-405/DO-41/DO-15/DO-27(DO-201AD)/SOD-57/SOD-64/R-6(P-600)/1206(SOD-87)/Sub-SMA(SOD-123FL)/MSMA(MINI-SMA)/SMA(DO-214AC)/SMB(DO-214AA)/SMC(DO-214AB)/MINI-MELF(LL34/LL35/SOD-80C)/MINI-MELF(DO-213AA)/MELF(LL-41/DL-41)/MELF(DO-213AB) Etc...

JSMirco integrated circuit  package type included: DIP/SDIP、SOT、SOP、SSOP、TSSOP/ETSSOP、QFP/LQFP/TQFP、QFN/DFN、BGA/LGA、FC、MCM(MCP)、SiP、WLP、TSV、Bumping、MEMS Etc...

We annually produce more than 400 million bridge rectifiers, 500 million transistors and 800 billion diodes. We are glad to accept your OEM/ODM requests. Best delivery time takes just one week. JSMirco would become your best partner on Discrete Device/Electronic Components!

corporate culture

Enterprise mission

Committed to providing high quality, high efficiency and high reliability products for global customers

enterprise value

High quality, high efficiency and high reliability

Corporate vision

To become an excellent supplier of R & D, manufacturing, sales and service in the field of power devices.

management idea

Focus on innovation and take the lead

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