Jieshengwei is committed to protecting the environment, abiding by environmental protection laws and regulations and related requirements, providing a safe and healthy workplace, promoting the protection of the environment throughout the supply chain, and maintaining sustainable growth. Foster's products always comply with environmental requirements such as RoHS standards, REACH regulations, and are committed to reducing energy consumption and the use of raw materials from the perspective of design and process improvement.

1) Comply with regulations and full participation:
Comply with environmental protection laws and regulations and other relevant requirements, encourage employees to be motivated and creative, and form a vibrant atmosphere where everyone has responsibility and everyone participates.

2) Join hands with suppliers and treat the environment:
Focus on establishing close partnerships with suppliers, focusing on long-term loyal cooperation with suppliers, common development and growth, and promoting the balance and coordination of enterprise development and the natural environment.

3) Strive to design the smallest chip
Actively adopt new technological achievements and new material processes, implement technological transformation, reduce the use of raw materials and energy, and reduce product costs.

4) Production of green semiconductors:
Control the content of harmful substances in products and produce qualified products that meet environmental protection requirements.
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