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Date:2020-3-13 14:40:43

The word "innovation" is no stranger to China's integrated circuit industry. In the course of decades of development, concepts such as "differential development" and "innovation model" have come one after another. However, an industrial environment suitable for innovation has not really been formed. At present, China's integrated circuit enterprises are not clear about the main body of innovation, separation of production, teaching and research, corporate superstitions to introduce technology, distrust of independent research and development, self-contained research institutions, and disconnected from enterprises. The unsustainability of independent innovation is the biggest reason why China's integrated circuit industry has developed for many years.

"Creation of the core" breakthrough innovation wins

The development of any industry requires an opportunity. As Wu Huaqiang, deputy director of the Institute of Microelectronics at Tsinghua University, stated in the opening of the Zhongguancun Integrated Circuit Design Park and the second "Core Motion Beijing" Zhongguancun IC Industry Forum, innovation is essential for industrial development . "To develop the integrated circuit industry, the completion and opening of the Zhongguancun Integrated Circuit Design Park is a very good opportunity. Its biggest advantage is that it can bring together various innovative elements." Wu Huaqiang said.

On November 16, the opening of Zhongguancun Integrated Circuit Design Park and the 2nd "Core Motion Beijing" Zhongguancun IC Industry Forum was held in Beijing. This event takes the theme of "promoting talents and core future" to explore the global integrated circuits in the new situation. Industrial development trends, talent cultivation and independent innovation, industrial trends and capital integration.

A number of high-tech companies that entered the park, including Bitmain, Zhaoyi Innovation, Zhaoxin Electronics, and Wenan Intelligent, participated in the opening of the park and the forum, and exhibited scientific and technological innovation products, adding "innovation elements" for the Zhongguancun integrated circuit design park.

Speech by Wu Huaqiang, Deputy Director of Institute of Microelectronics, Tsinghua University (Source: Event organizer)

In order to solve the problem of separation of production, teaching, and research on the innovation road, at the "Talent Training and Technology Innovation" sub-forum set up in Zhongguancun Integrated Circuit Design Park, China International Talent Exchange Foundation, Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing University of Software and Microelectronics College, Beijing University of Technology Microelectronics College, Horizon Robotics, and Megachip Semiconductor and other representatives of universities and enterprises discussed how to strengthen the school-enterprise relationship and jointly cultivate the talents required by the industry.

Feng Shiwei, Dean of the School of Microelectronics, Beijing University of Technology, said that although the value of undergraduates to the enterprise is small, in the long run, the joint training of talents between schools and enterprises is essential. Training mode. Jia Zhipeng, vice president of Horizon Robotics, said at the forum that he is very willing to cooperate with universities, strengthen school-enterprise cooperation, and jointly explore the meeting point for finding high-end technical talents under the pressure of the market.

Roundtable Forum Event Site (Source: Event Organizer)

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